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Dark Grey High-Waist 5" Biker Short

Dark Grey High-Waist 5" Biker Short

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A high-waist Biker short with a skin soft fabric, is designed to provide a comfortable, flexible, and flattering fit. The Biker short are typically made with a blend of materials, such as nylon and spandex, that offer a soft and smooth texture against the skin.

The high-waist design of these leggings provides added support and coverage around the midsection, making them perfect for activities such as functional, yoga or Pilates where you want a more secure fit.

The skin-soft fabric is breathable and moisture-wicking, helping to keep you cool and dry during your workout. The Biker shorts are also designed to move with you, allowing for a full range of motion, whether you're stretching, training or running.

Details & Fabric:

  • 75% Nylon - 25% Spandex.
  • High support and compression.
  • Soft and resistant fabri
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